Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yes I Still Have a Blog

Quite frankly this was not a good summer. I rarely blogged and what I posted was even more uninspired than usual. I even stopped reading your blog. Sorry!

Thank you to those who sent me a private message checking in. It was appreciated.

Things are much better now but my life still feels out of sorts. Discordant. Rather like the attached video. Especially starting at 1:30.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Goodbye Crack House Bathroom!

I finally decided--the 3rd floor Crack House Bathroom has got to go! Not the best time financially to do this but I can't take any more of the bizarro 80's layout with leaky outdated fixtures, a desk area, two window seats,an interior Peek-A-Boo interior window, two phone jacks, gray "industrial" carpeting and a floor that is 3 inches higher on one side from the other.

Using Servicemagic to help screen contractors I eventually settled on JNR Construction of Port Republic, MD. which promises:

#1 in customer service
Your own personal project manager from plan to finish
Over 20 yrs experience
Competitive prices Top value

Okay, maybe it wasn't the lowest bid (or the highest) but I felt comfortable with owner, John Jimenez who had some helpful ideas in the intial planning.

I won't miss the cracked, cold water only sink with the interior window that looked out into the master bedroom.

What was in the purpose of those window seats, anyway?

The demolition begins and J N R Construction gets busy! And I really need to select the tile...