Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fu-Tile Part 1

Let's say that despite the pretty pictures on your blog you are design and color challenged. Let's just pretend okay? I didn't say this is about ME!

So despite your current financial, employment and other life challenges you decide that now would be a good time to renovate a master bath. Remember this is just in theory, a theory like "Evolution" or "Kate 2.0."

After several trips around town to various tile emporiums you are overwhelmed by the selection of porcelain, ceramic, stone, slate, marble, sandstone, granite, metal, glass, limestone or travertine tiles all costing the equivalent of the price of an education at one of America's prestigious colleges such as Monroe College.

What's a boy to do? Let's explore more for our hypothetical home owner, "Bert."

Option # 1 is from the Tile Shop". Classically handsome "Bert" likes classic but fashionable slate tile but doesn't want slate tile with boring old slate trim. The nice young salesperson at the Tile Shop ("Calvin") recommend using 1" X 1" glass tile along with the slate as a "focal wall" in the shower and the back splash over the vanity. There's also something about a one inch strip of the glass tile along side of the 16" X 16 " slate squares on the floor. In addition there are 15" X 23" and 4" X 4" slate tiles applied on various walls and floors.

A "knee wall" is also required to be encased in slate tile. The "knee wall" surrounds a toilet.

The mind boggles.

What have I, I mean "Bert" been doing wrong all these years without a "knee wall?"

Mongolian Desert Slate Tile

Hartford Glass Mosaic


Do you think this combination will work? Is this too busy?

Are slate tiles already a passe 2008 trend like matching 401K contributions or "Change We Can Believe In?"

How many bathrooms have you seen this year and why? What tile trends have you noticed? By the way who was holding back your hair?

Please describe your first encounter with a "knee wall." Did your mind boggle?

Is this all a huge waste of money since no one will ever see "Bert's" shower anyway?

Up soon, Option 2:

"Tumbled" Travertine with Listellos. Dry.


Gilahi said...

I've heard a lot of euphemisms in my day, but why is it a "knee wall" in a bathroom but a "splash guard" in a kitchen?

lacochran said...

I think it goes but it's a bit dull. Your taste--I mean Bert's may vary.

Knee wall?? I was supposed to do something with my knees?

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