Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Prize Winning WASHWORDS Contest Entry!

Today is the deadline for WASHWORD's Share Your DC Knowledge/Love/Hate for Prizes" contest. The rules are very simple and unlike the requirements for getting your blog named one of the daily "DC Blogs Noted" you do not have to sleep with the judges!

All WASHWORD asks is that you answer 5 questions.

And the winner

1. One reason why I LOVE DC.

Tourists! I love biking to the Lincoln Memorial and watching kids excitedly run up the steps. This is the one trip they will remember the rest of their lives and WE LIVE HERE!!!!

What about going to the Vietnam Memorial and watch the visiting Veterans reaction as the Wall engulfs them? Heartbreaking.

The Cherry Blossom Festival. The Smithsonian Folk Life Festival. Driving visitors around to see the monuments by moonlight. Pointing up to the Eternal Flame flickering in the night in Arlington Cemetery and saying in a very knowing voice "It goes out all the time you know."

2. One thing you hate/snark/whine/mock about DC.

Tourists! Tourists who line up to see Madame Tussuad's wax museum, eat at TGI Fridays or ask for directions and then argue with me. Fine, I hope you enjoy your tour of the White House that is apparently somewhere in Georgetown.

3) A DC favorite or secret (can be a restaurant, a deal, a park, an intersection, you name it).

Your clue: It should come in a very large robin's egg blue box. Instead it is wrapped in Vermont Marble and is dedicated to the Women of the North and the Women of the South for their noble service during the Civil War.

Give up? Okay, but it is no longer a secret!

My favorite DC secret is the magnificent Louis Comfort Tiffany windows in the Board of Governors Hall of the American Red Cross National Headquarters building (430 17th Street NW). Dedicated in 1923, they are reputed to be the largest suite of Tiffany windows created for a secular environment that have remained in place where they can be appreciated in the environment for which they were created.

The windows depict the theme of ministry to the sick and wounded through sacrifice and are filled with enough symbolism to keep both Art and English majors in a delirious frenzy of thesis updates.

Free tours of the building which was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1965, also include peeks at some of the exquisite art and artifacts donated to the American Red Cross since it formal inception in 1881.

4) Your favorite DC photo (own the rights please! that means you took it or it’s public or I’m not gonna get in trouble for sharing it!)

Ok, but I really suck as a photographer. Please, please will someone agree to be my photography intern? Oh and while we are at it I need an editor also. Thanks!

5) One DC blogger we might not know about.

Well he is very well known but YOU may not know him--the very funny and thought provoking Jimbo.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Three Degrees of Separation--"Sex and the City The Movie" and Shaw!

1. DC Neighborhood Shaw is named for Robert Gould Shaw, who was the white commander of the all African American 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry which entered the Civil War in 1863. Col. Shaw and his troops were the subject of 1989 film "Glory."

2. Actor Matthew Broderick played Col. Shaw in "Glory" and is married to actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker is a producer of and is reprising her Emmy winning role as Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City the Movie."

"Sex and the City the Movie" opens May 30.

Shaw remains open 24 X 7.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Contests-A-Palooza and Joanie Loves Chachi!

It is contest time in the blog world and I feel it is my duty to notify my tens of readers of opportunities for fame, fortune, and the chance to reveal their real home address.

First up is a contest by the enigmatic fridge fetishist, WASHWORDS . Her contest challenges you to "Share Your DC Knowledge/Love/Hate for Prizes."

UPDATE: See my actual entry here

To enter you must provide:

1) One reason why you LOVE DC.
2) One thing you hate/snark/whine/mock about DC
3) A DC favorite or secret (can be a restaurant, a deal, a park, an intersection, you name it)
4) Your favorite DC photo (own the rights please! that means you took it)
5) One DC blogger we might not know about.

Entries must be received by WASHWORDS by May 31, 11:59 p.m.

I am trying to decide if I should disqualify myself from this contest. Is it fair that I enter since I am Herb of DC? I know DC and I know secrets!

For instance through analysis of WASHWORDS writing I believe I have uncovered the secret identity of this "lifelong writer/editor" and she is either New York Times babe Maureen Dowd or former Washington Post columnist Meg Greenfield.

Contest #2 is from the blogalicious "Liz" of "What Liz Said." To enter the "What Liz Said Blogathon 2008" "Liz" asks that you submit what you’d like and it can be funny, deep or raw. Submit what you think is your best! "She" asks that you write about a bad day at work, or a profound moment, or anything at all. Something that shows who you are. Go crazy! Also it can be something you’ve already written.

"Liz" will choose three winners, and those winners will have their piece published at "What Liz Said" and receive a special snail mail package from "Liz."

Email your submissions to Deadline is NEXT FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2008!

Does anyone know of any other contests? If so let me know and I will include them here.

In the 1970s, a trend begin for monster hit television shows to spin off supporting characters into their own series. Mary had her Rhoda. Archie begat Maude.

Now in blogdom this trend is being repeated and the producers of "What Liz Said" are spinning off the character of "Patrick" to "his" own blog "Patrick Does DC." We wish "Patrick" the best and hope that "he" has a long run like "Lou Grant" or "Melrose Place" and not become the "Joey" or "Joanie Loves Chachi" of blogging.

Will "Horatio" be the next to get "his" own blog?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Buffalo Thunder in Shaw!

The Mall may have Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day but our own DC neighborhood Shaw hosts a pre-rally event, "Buffalo Thunder" each year at the African American Civil War Memorial.

Prior to heading down to the Mall, hundreds of members of the Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Clubs from around the country lay a wreath at the Memorial's Wall of Honor which lists the names of 200,000 + African American troops who served in the Civil War. The clubs are named to honor and ensure the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers, which was comprised of former slaves, freemen and Black Civil War soldiers, who first served in the U.S. Army during peacetime after the Civil War.

Once the Westward movement had begun after the War, prominent among those blazing treacherous trails of the Wild West were the Buffalo Soldiers of the U.S. Army. These African Americans were charged with and responsible for escorting settlers, cattle herds, and railroad crews.

Throughout the era of the Indian Wars, approximately twenty percent of the U.S. Cavalry troopers were black, and they fought over 177 engagements. The combat prowess, bravery, tenaciousness, and looks on the battlefield, inspired the Indians to call them "Buffalo Soldiers." Many Indians believe the name symbolized the Native American's respect for the Buffalo Soldiers' bravery and valor. Buffalo Soldiers, down through the years, have worn the name with pride.

This rally appropriately takes place in Shaw since the neighborhood is named for Robert Gould Shaw (October 10, 1837-July 1863) who was the commander of the all African American 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry which entered the Civil War in 1863. Col. Shaw and his troops were the subject of 1989 film "Glory."

The Clubs line up on Vermont Avenue waiting for the signal to begin the trek to the Mall.

Black and gold are the official club colors of the day.

Normally quiet T Street vibrates as hundreds of bikers thunder by!

Doin' Nuttin' Memorial Day Weekend While You Are Sittin' in Traffic

Everyone: What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

Herb of DC: Nuttin'

Everyone: Oh that sounds nice. (Translation: Bless your heart, you have no friends. And worse you must be poor.)

Everyone: So can you take care of my dog?

I love three day weekends here when the rest of you are gone. As long as one avoids the museums and Casas de Touristas it is very peaceful and quiet here. No lines. Easy parking. Everyone left plays well together. DC magically becomes a sleepy, small town.

While you are battling your way along Route 50 to the beach, I am in the brilliant sunshine working in my garden and listening to the birds sing. You may be stuck in traffic wasting $4 a gallon gas on I-95 but I am strolling through the colorful Dupont Farmer's market purchasing green garlic, asparagus, bread, crab cakes, and of course strawberries. While you stare at someone else's bumper on I-66, your dog and I are chasing squirrels in Logan Circle.

Oh and doing all of this is free. Really, who is richer this weekend?

The view out my front door, Memorial Day 2008. Where are the parked cars? Oh right. In Rehoboth.

I will have a fine broccoli crop soon that will rival anything you find at an Eastern Shore Farmers market. Zinnia "Green Envy" seedlings are starting to sprout in front of the Asiatic lilies. No signs yet of the herb seeds I planted though.

The strawberries at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market are sweeter than anything you will find at the Chesapeake House Rest Stop in Maryland (Exit 98).

For the price of a Brew Thru tee shirt in Corolla NC you could have stayed here and bought an armful of peonies.

Did you stop at the outlet Malls on the day it was cloudy and spend what was left of your Economic Stimulus check? If you had stayed and played local you could have snagged this sweet chair just sitting there on 13th St free for the taking.

Looking north on 14th St during what would normally be morning rush hour. I guess all the cars are still somewhere on the Bay Bridge. Honk if you love traffic!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'll See Your Memorial Day Meme and Raise You One!

New blog crush Washwords has sent me a Meme! Well she didn't really send it to me but Memed me on her blog knowing I would stumble upon it in one of the 100 stalkerish visits I make per day.

What is a Meme? I think it is like Spam but the fun bloggy kind of Spam not the kind of Spam that is the Hawaiian National Dish. I hear all of the cool kids trade Memes when they are not dunking pigtails in inkwells, playing Post Office or swimmin' in the cement pond.

The Memorial Day 2008 Meme

1. Write the title to your memoir using 6 words:

"Apple Pie, Dungeons and Dwarf Pits"

2. Link to the person that tagged you:

Washwords (I know I already posted this link above but one most obey the Meme or suffer consequences and quite frankly, some of my readers are a little slow or they would have noticed by now how many times I have basically posted the same stories over and over).

3. Tag five more blogs:

What Liz Said and really I am not sucking up to her just so I can gain favor and totally win the What Liz Said Blogathon 2008" contest. Well not much.

Why Gentrify although tagging the Mighty Me of U Street may not count any more. Over the weekend the beloved Herb of DC commentator committed blogicide and the status of his local information rich blog remains unclear. We wish him the best and hope he makes a comeback soon.

Blog Hillary because America deserves a choice!!! Don't forget she has promised me that she will rebate federal gas taxes to all What Liz Said readers this summer especially those who promote the "What Liz Said Blogathon 2008" contest.

Now this is where the rules start to get fuzzy. Do I only Meme blogs I regularly read or should they be be blogs that I read and swap mutual commentary? For instance I can't make it through a day without checking out Joe.My.God. for news, a laugh, and occasionally a cry. But he gets thousands of hits a day and hundreds of comments so I don't think he will notice or care. (I just noticed that even Joe.My.God is taking a break and there is a guest God Aaron hosting. What is going on? Why don't I have a guest Herb every now and then? Hey Mighty Me...).

The DC Universe provides many a LOL but I don't see us exchanging manly BroMemes. I recently started reading the adorably cute and funny Love Is Blonde but I fear I have scared her off with my commentary. I don't think she is a Dungeons and Dwarf Pit kind of gal so I she goes on the "No Meme List."

So I give up. I have lost the game. I deserve Meme Punishment:

Go to the refrigerator and open the door and take a picture. No staging of food items. No throwing away of weeks old vegetables. We all know about the Velveeta and Spam anyway.

Herb of DC Refrigerator Contents May 25, 2008

(Click to increase picture size and embarrassment)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jan Brady Tags 14th and T



(Disclaimer: Herb of DC does not condone graffiti, does not believe that it is an urban art form and always thought that Borf should have had his mouth duct taped to the exhaust pipe of a Metro bus and dragged naked from site to site to clean with a tiny child's toothbrush the messes he made).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pour One Out for Memorial Day in Logan Circle!

John A Logan, of our namesake Logan Circle (nee Idaho Circle) is credited for being one of the first to call for a national Decoration Day, now called Memorial Day to honor fallen Union soldiers from the Civil War.

On May 5, 1868, as Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic (a veterans' organization) Logan issued a proclamation that Decoration Day be observed nationwide. It was observed for the first time on May 30 of the same year; the date was chosen because it was NOT the anniversary of a battle. The tombs of fallen Union soldiers were decorated in remembrance of this day.

On June 28, 1968, the United States Congress passed the Uniform Holidays Bill, which moved three holidays from their traditional dates to a specified Monday in order to create a convenient three-day weekend and for the first time recognized Columbus Day as a federal holiday. The holidays included Washington's Birthday (which evolved into Presidents' Day), Veterans Day, and Memorial Day. The change moved Memorial Day from its traditional May 30 date to the last Monday in May.

Some organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, advocate returning to the fixed May 30 date. The VFW stated in a 2002 Memorial Day Address, "Changing the date merely to create three-day weekends has undermined the very meaning of the day. No doubt, this has contributed a lot to the general public's nonchalant observance of Memorial Day."

On Memorial Day 2008, please pause for a moment and remember the U.S. men and women who have died in military service to our country. And if you just happen to be passing through Logan Circle, don't forget to pour one out for our homie, John A Logan who had the vision and influence to create what has become a treasured national holiday.

Historical context provided by Wikipedia.

Pour one out photos originally published here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When You Can Only "Unofficially" Report Crime to 911

I admit that I was at first a bit judgmental when leaving for work last week and I noticed that your car had been broken into while parked near my house. Peering through through the broken window I could see clothing and CDs thrown around the car. Despite your DC plates you didn't seem to know the #1 rule when parking a car in DC--Do Not Leave Anything Out While Parking in DC or Thieves Will Think Your Coat/Blanket/CD Case/Cigarette Pack Is Hiding Your Purse /Lap Top/Credit Card/8 Ball.

Later that day when I returned from work I was alarmed to discover that your car was parked in the same place, still unsecured, although it didn't appear that anything else had been taken.

Being a Good Citizen, I decided to call 911. Surely the police or someone can run the plates, contact the owners and urge them to secure their car before more was taken or the car itself stolen, right?

911: Police, Fire, Medical Emergency
Herb of DC: Well its not an emergency [nervous laugh] but a car was broken into near my house and has been sitting there all day.
911: Is this your car?
Herb of DC: No it is parked next door.
911: Can you let your neighbors know?
Herb of DC: It's not their car either. I've never seen this car before.
911: (long pause) Well what are your trying to do.
Herb of DC: Can't I report that the car has been broken into?
911: Not officially.
Herb of DC: Well can't someone come out, find who the owners are and contact them?
911: I'll send the next available car out. You are at NNNN NNth St NW?
Herb of DC: Yes but...
911: Click

Crap. Does this really require the next available cops to stop chasing murderers or drug pushers to ring my doorbell? What role was I supposed to play when the police arrived beyond unofficially pointing to the car like some deranged, auto-crazed Vanna White? However, since it was "American Idol/Dancing with the Stars Results" night, I would be awake all the way to 10:00 pm anyway so I popped open a six pack and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

At 10:00 pm Marrissa was gone and Sayesha was soon to be toast so I headed to the 3rd floor to bed, leaving the front light on hoping that would deter any thieves. If someone did ring my doorbell the dogs would wake me. Marissa and the six pack were finished but I wasn't.

The next morning I noticed that the car was still there but it didn't appear that anything else had been taken.

Later that day I was Gladys Kravitzing out the window and saw the car owners standing by the car. I ran outside and apologized and explained that I had tried to call the police to get them to do something.

I shrugged.

They shrugged.

The woman said "Fortunately nothing was taken."

Oh I disagree. Officially.

Monday, May 19, 2008

YOU are LOOKING for Me!!!! Finding a Roommate via Craigslist

I really wasn't serious when I posted this ad on Craigslist looking for a blog worthy roommate. It is true that I am running out of things to blog about but my actual preference would be for someone neat and clean and normal not someone who is "often involved in wacky situations "or "is a frequent witness of crime." Honestly, Lucy Ricardo and Angela Lansbury need not apply.

However, I got several responses with most not understanding that my tongue was firmly placed in my blogspot when I wrote this ad. Most of the replies were of the boilerplate variety "I just moved to DC and am looking for an awesome group house with cool roommates to hang out with yadda yadda yadda." Yawn!

And then there was this one from the very enthusiastic and slightly frightening "Emily" (I have edited it somewhat in order to protect her identity and also to not offend my vast Hannah Montana audience):

YOU are LOOKING for Me!!!!

If you are looking to live with someone with nicknames such as
"E-wrecked" "E-nough" and "E-bombs," then you have FOUND ME.

If you are looking for blog material such as a girl who is throwing
her [female sex organ] a 100th birthday party, then you are in luck!

My name is "Emily", I'm 26 and I've been drinking and causing debauchery
in DC since last July, o yeah I also go to grad school and work for
a small NGO but I DOUBT that will be quality blogging material.

Don't worry, crazier things are happening to me EVERYDAY (being
"rudely awakened" [sexual act] "hot cop" and [loss of bladder control] my pants in front of
the guy I like, TWICE) so you will not be lacking for material. If you
want to live with me too (I already want to be ur friend) write back.

Much love,

your future roommate/partner in crime,

"Emily", "Emily", "Emily" are you serious!!! I am sorry "Emily" but you have been e-jected and ur will not be my next roommate. But seriously, get your own blog. I think you could be huge!

I was about to give up and then read this surprising charmer from Charm City (again slightly edited to protect her identify):

Good Morning!

Ever since I realized a move to DC was inevitable, I've been kind of dreading it. I've been so reluctant to give up the John Waters-pink-flamingos-adorable petty crimes for which Baltimore is known and loved, for the Bluetooth-headset-wearing, briefcase-toting, American-flag-pin-on-the-the-lapel crowd that I pass every day on the way to my new job. But I read your post, and I'm so glad there are people in DC like me! Allow me to present the reasons why we'd be great roommates:

1) Fascinating job- Working at a humanitarian relief organization where everyone I work with speaks Arabic... so far I only know the curse words, but I'm learning slowly but surely. Sometimes I negotiate bargains on donkeys to transport water (like CarMax, but for donkeys?).

2) My eccentric friends can act as verifiable references to my frequent spasms of ridiculous quotations. In addition, I am very neat and organized (I actually enjoy cleaning, but not in an OCD Bob Saget-from-Full-House way).

3) Frequent rider of the Metro- My daily commutes from Charm City are about two hours each way, so the Metro and I are getting to know each other well. Besides the fact that it always smells like an off-brand whiskey sour that's been poisoned by one's enemies, with occasional whiffs of that old lady perfume that seems to stick to your clothes for hours, it's not a bad way to travel. PLUS, you get to make interesting notations along the journey, like "Wow, check out that guy's sweet Cosby sweater", or "Wow, that's the third Little Person I've seen today". Haven't witnessed any crimes here yet, but I did live for 23 years in the most dangerous city in America without gettin' clipped, so I don't think Logan Circle will be a huge challenge.

4) Very pet friendly- I don't have any myself, but I enjoy other people's pets. I wanted a capybara for a while, but I think they're kind of illegal (do you run an exotic pets importation business in addition to blogging, perchance?).

Anyway, hopefully I'm not too late to have an opportunity to see the apartment. It sounds really great, with a very convenient location, and it would be fantastic to have a DC roommate that I could actually be friends with! If you'd like any additional info, you can reach me at this email address or at (443) NNN-NNNN. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,



Maybe I really can find a roommate on Craigslist despite my snarky ad. "Kay" I love your response and I am seriously thinking of contacting you. Please be real, neat and clean, and promise to never throw a birthday party for your [female sex organ].

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Free Clown Cake!

You have to wonder about the back story sometimes on Craigslist items. So what happened here? Was a birthday cake delivered to a house occupied by Coulrophobiaists? I know that I wouldn't want a clown cake!

Free Cake (Downtown)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-16, 2:38PM EDT

Free cake. Looks like a clown cake. Tastes like a clown cake...except that no one has tasted it yet. It's still in, or at least near, its box.

If anyone is in the mood for cake, this is the cake for you.

  • Location: Downtown

Thursday, May 15, 2008

DC Blogger Seeks (Im)Perfect Roommate for Blog Fodder!

With beloved personal assistant, photographer and intern
JessiCub moving to Chicago, it is time to look for a new roommate to blog about. So should I stick with the standard Craigslist template or create a truthful ad that clearly states what any blogger desires in a roommate?

Wanted: Roommate to Share House with Self-Important DC Blogger!!!

You must have a fascinating job, verifiable references, good credit, eccentric friends and the ability to generate humorous quotations. Do you often find yourself involved in wacky or thought provoking situations? Are you a frequent witness of crime and/or a daily Metro bus rider? If so you may be the perfect roommate!

If you already have a nickname move to the front of the line! Otherwise be prepared to be assigned some unlikely name such as “Logan Idol”, “Petworth Princess” or “Cousin Chutney.”

Please be neat and clean or not mind having pictures of your mess posted for the entire interwebs to be seen.

Must be pet and irony friendly.

My house is one block from U Street Metro. Hotly covered bars, restaurants, and retail are within walking distance. Apply via email describing how you commuted to work on Bike to Work Day or by providing details of your last painful break-up to HerbofDC AT gmail dotcom.

Rent: $900 plus security deposit. Short term okay. No smokers or WebSense programmers.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

14th and U Farmer's Market 2008!

Update 2009: The market will open Saturday May 2, 2009 (9:00am-1:00pm)

I missed visiting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cut the opening ribbon of the 14th and U Farmers market and release 10 free range doves into the the air which she immediately shot down provin' that she is a good ole gal with farm cred. However, I did get there in time for the Breadline's delicious and chewy olive loaf which last year always seemed to go early in the day ever since the Bush twins proclaimed it the bestest bread ever for nursing a hangover.

The opening of the hyper competitive 2008 Farmers Market Pro-Am Season was kicked off with the Saturday May 10 debut of the 14th and U Farmers Market. Located in front of the George "Superman" Reeve's Center, the mart will run every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

This Kuhns Orchard's rhubarb combined with strawberries trucked in from the Northern Neck of Virginia
will make a great pie when I get home. Or maybe I should use Cindy McCain's old family recipe?

What's for dinner? Mountain View Farm's green garlic and asparagus roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Michelle Obama is proud to make this for her family.

A simple farm maiden (possibly Amish) brings flowers to sell in the big city in order to save the family farm from foreclosure.

I am not of fan of the radish due to Herb Sr once forcing me to eat a radish as a child not realizing how delicate yet explosive my gag reflex was. Nevertheless, wipe out that mental image and take a gander at these weapons of mass projection--they are gorgeous!

Farmers Market Booty Still Life May 2008

Market director Robin Shuster has assured us that cheese will be available starting in June.

Like this blog needs more cheese!

Update: Sunday May 11

The number 1 rule in food blogging is to remember to take the picture before you start eating it. Needless to say it is a great tasting strawberry rhubarb pie!

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 10th Is National Train Day!

Get your Choo-Choo on for National Train Day at Union Station! Train model displays, sweepstakes drawings and Al Roker will all be there!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chuck Norris Friday!

From Chuck Norris Facts:

If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.
There is no 'ctrl' button on Chuck Norris's computer. Chuck Norris is always in control.
Apple pays Chuck Norris 99 cents every time he listens to a song.
Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open.
Chuck Norris can eat just one Lay's potato chip.
Chuck Norris is suing Myspace for taking the name of what he calls everything around you.
Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise.
Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How Much Is That Tree Worth?

Are you tree challenged and have no idea what kind of tree is planted in front of your house? Have you ever wondered what environmental impact that one tree has?

Thanks to Casey Trees, you can check out their DC Tree Map and precisely locate a tree and discover all sorts of tree porn information such as
its species, size and condition, calculations of the amount and value of air pollutants the tree removes, and its value to a tree appraiser. For instance a Norway Maple near my house is 20 feet tall, removes annually 131.881 g of ozone and is worth an estimated $1383.

Check out your favorite local tree!

Maple, Norway
Scientific Name: Acer platanoides
Tree Value: $ 1,383

Height: 20 feet Diameter at Breast Height: 9 inches Crown Radius: 15 feet

Carbon Storage: 98.52 kg
Carbon Sequestration:
6.03 kg/year
Carbon Monoxide Removed:
15.146 g/year
Ozone Removed: 131.881 g/year
Nitrogen Oxide Removed:
43.935 g/year
Particulate Matter Removed: 132.513 g/year
Sulfur Dioxide Removed:
43.786 g/year
Total Pollution Removed:
$ 1.8714 /year
Tree Value:
$ 1,383

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tim Gunn's Guide to Polygamist Style

I'm still being lazy...

Paradise by the GoPhone Light ( Long Version)

I am still recovering from my trip so I will let YouTube do some work.

The only commercial lately that makes me look up and take notice is Meat Loaf's GoPhone commercial. I was amazed at how much his son looks exactly like him and was disappointed to discover that it he is played by an unrelated actor--Adam Cagley. 80s pop icon Tiffany plays Loaf's wife.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

No More Horses! No More Mint Juleps!

I'm taking a few days break so no more stories about horses running through Logan Circle or Mint Juleps for a while.

Well maybe one last Mint Julep before I hit the road for Kentuckiana.