Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How Much Is That Tree Worth?

Are you tree challenged and have no idea what kind of tree is planted in front of your house? Have you ever wondered what environmental impact that one tree has?

Thanks to Casey Trees, you can check out their DC Tree Map and precisely locate a tree and discover all sorts of tree porn information such as
its species, size and condition, calculations of the amount and value of air pollutants the tree removes, and its value to a tree appraiser. For instance a Norway Maple near my house is 20 feet tall, removes annually 131.881 g of ozone and is worth an estimated $1383.

Check out your favorite local tree!

Maple, Norway
Scientific Name: Acer platanoides
Tree Value: $ 1,383

Height: 20 feet Diameter at Breast Height: 9 inches Crown Radius: 15 feet

Carbon Storage: 98.52 kg
Carbon Sequestration:
6.03 kg/year
Carbon Monoxide Removed:
15.146 g/year
Ozone Removed: 131.881 g/year
Nitrogen Oxide Removed:
43.935 g/year
Particulate Matter Removed: 132.513 g/year
Sulfur Dioxide Removed:
43.786 g/year
Total Pollution Removed:
$ 1.8714 /year
Tree Value:
$ 1,383


MightyMe said...

Well, isn't that neat? I'll have to find out how much my scraggly possible Cherry Blossom tree is worth and just how much work it is doing for the environment. Neat-o!

DC Cubano said...

I sense a new HGTV televsion show...."What's my tree worth?"

MightyMe said...

The WaPo had a related article today: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/07/AR2008050701046.html?hpid=smartliving