Saturday, May 10, 2008

14th and U Farmer's Market 2008!

Update 2009: The market will open Saturday May 2, 2009 (9:00am-1:00pm)

I missed visiting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cut the opening ribbon of the 14th and U Farmers market and release 10 free range doves into the the air which she immediately shot down provin' that she is a good ole gal with farm cred. However, I did get there in time for the Breadline's delicious and chewy olive loaf which last year always seemed to go early in the day ever since the Bush twins proclaimed it the bestest bread ever for nursing a hangover.

The opening of the hyper competitive 2008 Farmers Market Pro-Am Season was kicked off with the Saturday May 10 debut of the 14th and U Farmers Market. Located in front of the George "Superman" Reeve's Center, the mart will run every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

This Kuhns Orchard's rhubarb combined with strawberries trucked in from the Northern Neck of Virginia
will make a great pie when I get home. Or maybe I should use Cindy McCain's old family recipe?

What's for dinner? Mountain View Farm's green garlic and asparagus roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Michelle Obama is proud to make this for her family.

A simple farm maiden (possibly Amish) brings flowers to sell in the big city in order to save the family farm from foreclosure.

I am not of fan of the radish due to Herb Sr once forcing me to eat a radish as a child not realizing how delicate yet explosive my gag reflex was. Nevertheless, wipe out that mental image and take a gander at these weapons of mass projection--they are gorgeous!

Farmers Market Booty Still Life May 2008

Market director Robin Shuster has assured us that cheese will be available starting in June.

Like this blog needs more cheese!

Update: Sunday May 11

The number 1 rule in food blogging is to remember to take the picture before you start eating it. Needless to say it is a great tasting strawberry rhubarb pie!


MightyMe said...

Nice pics, makes me hungry. Sorry you missed Hillary, she's quite the gunslinger. Rhubarb and strawberry pie? And, it's actually good?

Anonymous said...

Oh Herb! You used a frozen crust?