Monday, May 26, 2008

Doin' Nuttin' Memorial Day Weekend While You Are Sittin' in Traffic

Everyone: What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

Herb of DC: Nuttin'

Everyone: Oh that sounds nice. (Translation: Bless your heart, you have no friends. And worse you must be poor.)

Everyone: So can you take care of my dog?

I love three day weekends here when the rest of you are gone. As long as one avoids the museums and Casas de Touristas it is very peaceful and quiet here. No lines. Easy parking. Everyone left plays well together. DC magically becomes a sleepy, small town.

While you are battling your way along Route 50 to the beach, I am in the brilliant sunshine working in my garden and listening to the birds sing. You may be stuck in traffic wasting $4 a gallon gas on I-95 but I am strolling through the colorful Dupont Farmer's market purchasing green garlic, asparagus, bread, crab cakes, and of course strawberries. While you stare at someone else's bumper on I-66, your dog and I are chasing squirrels in Logan Circle.

Oh and doing all of this is free. Really, who is richer this weekend?

The view out my front door, Memorial Day 2008. Where are the parked cars? Oh right. In Rehoboth.

I will have a fine broccoli crop soon that will rival anything you find at an Eastern Shore Farmers market. Zinnia "Green Envy" seedlings are starting to sprout in front of the Asiatic lilies. No signs yet of the herb seeds I planted though.

The strawberries at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market are sweeter than anything you will find at the Chesapeake House Rest Stop in Maryland (Exit 98).

For the price of a Brew Thru tee shirt in Corolla NC you could have stayed here and bought an armful of peonies.

Did you stop at the outlet Malls on the day it was cloudy and spend what was left of your Economic Stimulus check? If you had stayed and played local you could have snagged this sweet chair just sitting there on 13th St free for the taking.

Looking north on 14th St during what would normally be morning rush hour. I guess all the cars are still somewhere on the Bay Bridge. Honk if you love traffic!


Anonymous said...

Strawberries? Peonies? I gotta get me downtown to your lovely farmers market!!!

Anonymous said...

I need to get my butt to the farmer's market. I keep meaning to and somehow never make it. Plus the view outside of your abode is lovely.

Bob said...

lol, Thank you! Missie appreciated her stay at the Herb of DC Puppy Retreat and Day Spa.