Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'll See Your Memorial Day Meme and Raise You One!

New blog crush Washwords has sent me a Meme! Well she didn't really send it to me but Memed me on her blog knowing I would stumble upon it in one of the 100 stalkerish visits I make per day.

What is a Meme? I think it is like Spam but the fun bloggy kind of Spam not the kind of Spam that is the Hawaiian National Dish. I hear all of the cool kids trade Memes when they are not dunking pigtails in inkwells, playing Post Office or swimmin' in the cement pond.

The Memorial Day 2008 Meme

1. Write the title to your memoir using 6 words:

"Apple Pie, Dungeons and Dwarf Pits"

2. Link to the person that tagged you:

Washwords (I know I already posted this link above but one most obey the Meme or suffer consequences and quite frankly, some of my readers are a little slow or they would have noticed by now how many times I have basically posted the same stories over and over).

3. Tag five more blogs:

What Liz Said and really I am not sucking up to her just so I can gain favor and totally win the What Liz Said Blogathon 2008" contest. Well not much.

Why Gentrify although tagging the Mighty Me of U Street may not count any more. Over the weekend the beloved Herb of DC commentator committed blogicide and the status of his local information rich blog remains unclear. We wish him the best and hope he makes a comeback soon.

Blog Hillary because America deserves a choice!!! Don't forget she has promised me that she will rebate federal gas taxes to all What Liz Said readers this summer especially those who promote the "What Liz Said Blogathon 2008" contest.

Now this is where the rules start to get fuzzy. Do I only Meme blogs I regularly read or should they be be blogs that I read and swap mutual commentary? For instance I can't make it through a day without checking out Joe.My.God. for news, a laugh, and occasionally a cry. But he gets thousands of hits a day and hundreds of comments so I don't think he will notice or care. (I just noticed that even Joe.My.God is taking a break and there is a guest God Aaron hosting. What is going on? Why don't I have a guest Herb every now and then? Hey Mighty Me...).

The DC Universe provides many a LOL but I don't see us exchanging manly BroMemes. I recently started reading the adorably cute and funny Love Is Blonde but I fear I have scared her off with my commentary. I don't think she is a Dungeons and Dwarf Pit kind of gal so I she goes on the "No Meme List."

So I give up. I have lost the game. I deserve Meme Punishment:

Go to the refrigerator and open the door and take a picture. No staging of food items. No throwing away of weeks old vegetables. We all know about the Velveeta and Spam anyway.

Herb of DC Refrigerator Contents May 25, 2008

(Click to increase picture size and embarrassment)


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. I'm your blog crush? ooh la la. This isn't gonna be like or jdate is it? cause those... kinda sucked!

anywho, thanks for playing along. I did your meme though I didn't think I should have had to and I've started a contest.

Hope to see your entry soon.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha. see this comment on flicker! my dreams are coming true, I've been asked to join the "fridge fetish group." ha ha ha ha.