Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dear Tenant:

Dear Tenant:

Thank you for sneaking out last night since I think it did save us from an embarrassing "Cops" style eviction. Hopefully you can find another furnished room to trash one block from the U Street Metro soon for $300 a month. It's clearly your entitlement, right? I am sure your new landlord will appreciate your "jumpsuit as window treatment" idea. HGTV anyone?

The dogs already miss you. They will have to find another source for old pizza crusts and Taco Bell wrappers that you continually left on the floor for the entire 10 week period you lived here.

I am not sure why you left behind so much clothing, DVDs and books but GoodWill will have a nice donation in your name this weekend! Thanks!

P.S. Glad you took the "Teenage Vixen" porn with you. See you on "To Catch a Predator" some day.


jimbo said...

Are you sure he didn't go outside for a chain smoking break to suck down a couple of cartons of Marlbs?

Anonymous said...

Oh crap, Herb you and roomates brother are not meant to be. I tricked out last night here in Seattle the guys place was worse looking than that. Me thinks a white powder may have something to do with it. Holy smokes@

John in Seattle

MightyMe said...

Oh no! Don't send them to U Street! I had thought of being a landlord. It's clearly not easy, I see...Hope your next one has some integrity.