Monday, March 10, 2008

Hot Governor-on-Pilgrim Lovin' at the Mayflower Hotel

So allegedly the transaction between NY Governor Spitzer and the high priced prostitute took place at DC's Mayflower Hotel where the "historic hotel in Washington DC offers a timeless aura highlighted by an abundance of modern conveniences."

And apparently some of the worlds oldest conveniences.

I'm sure the Mayflower is a nice hotel with a great gift shop but somehow I don't picture this as a place for a rip-roaring sexual dalliance.


1. It is owned by Marriott. Need I say more?

2. The Mayflower makes me think of the Pilgrims and their grim black clothing and clunky shoes. Quick name one hot Pilgrim! See you can't!

3. Pilgrims remind me of Thanksgiving which is the least sexy holiday of all. Heavy doses of green bean casserole, tryptophan and guilt does not make for an evening of hot governor lovin' without mainlining Cialis.

4. And finally Thanksgiving brings forth the image of one of the least sexy things ever. Giblets.


MightyMe said...

Hey, the Pilgrims may have been in their grim and clunky attire, but Pocahontas, Sacajawea and the crew were not. Their outfits were always stylish and tasteful, with just the right hint of skin. Plus, they knew how to cook.

Bob said...

OMG! I forgot it was Marriott- owned. Great post!