Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Baby Boomer Birth Certificate


With all this birther nonsense I decided to look at my baby boomer birth certificate for the first time in many years. Not sure what the birth certificate says about me and the person I would become but it certainly reveals something about government and society at the time.

The good news--the State of Texas officially certified that I am legitimate! Yep, there it is in Box 6 "Legitimate? Yes."  How awful it must be for those who were branded by the state "Legitimate? No" during this era.

Box 9 and Box 14 indicate that my parents "Color or Race" is white. Apparently there was no need to record my own "Color or Race."  I wonder what was input for color or race if you weren't white.  Hmm.

For conspiracy theorists:

1. An unfamiliar font is used on this document.   I believe it is called "Typewriter."

2. I am clearly named "Herbert Jr" on this document but my father's name is listed as "Hebert Sr."  So which is my name?  Am I Hebert or Herbert?  A Jr or not? Hebert of DC?   Does this mean I can never be President and since I was born in an Air Force hospital is this part of a lifetime government cover up? 

I urge all to pull out your birth certificate and check it; sadly the document may be required more and more for identification in the future.  What did I say about a birth certificate reflecting the past?  Unfortunately it may also reflect government and society in the future.

* Personally identifying information was blurred out on this form


Gilahi said...

11:40 PM? That was pretty inconsiderate of you.

Titania said...

Ha! As a good alien I have no idea where my birth certificate lives... Hopefully my mom still has it stashed somewhere way back there, 7,000 miles away from here in the land where it is summer on December.