Monday, March 30, 2009

Planting My Hot, Hot Recession Garden!

It's never to early to start your Recession Garden--the Obama's have started their White House Garden and this weekend I started mine. Soon I will have fresh organic produce at a fraction of the grocery store cost, a win-win deal!

First I purchased the Jiffy All-In-One Greenhouse and three packets of seeds (Swiss Chard, Spinach, and Mesclun). (Mesclun is a mixture of various salad leaves, really...look it up!)

Next apply about 5 cups of water to make the pots grow. Water is the Cialis in the organic peat pot world.

Wait for pots to finish hydrostimulation. Muttering dirty plant talk like "Is that a pistil in your stamen or are you just glad to seed me?" does nothing to hurry the progress. Trust me on this.

When the pots are sufficiently engorged, plant two or three seeds in each and cover with a little soil for privacy.

Replace the lid, keep in a warm place and let things get a little steamy until the seeds begin to sprout.

(To Be Continued)

Bill so far:

Jiffy All-In-One Greenhouse $4.96
3 Packets of seeds 5.67
Hot dog outside Home Depot 1.50

Total expenses to date $12.13

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lacochran said...

Oooo, hydrostimulation. Uhhuhhhhuhhhh...