Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cornerstone Cleaners Where Are You?

Pardon this interruption to the usual political satire, essays on social mores of the 21st century and paeans to Pop Tarts that make up Herb of DC but I need to ask for your help to look for my shirts.

Yes, my shirts.

My five blue and white shirts that I dropped off at Cornerstone Cleaners on March 7, 2009. The five blue and white shirts that look just like the other ten blue and white shirts in my closet. I returned March 19, 20 and 21st to drop off more blue and white shirts and to pick up my clean and neatly pressed blue and white shirts and the establishment is closed with no sign indicating why it is closed or when it will reopen.

Cornerstone Cleaners
1947 14th St NW
Washington, DC 2009
(202) 234-0100
Corner of 14th and U

May also operate under the name of CS Cleaners, SC Cleaners or Next 2 Cleaners.

Does anyone have the scoop?

My three pairs of khaki cargo pants and two pairs of dark green cargo pants are quite concerned. I haven't told the Dockers yet (gray, two pairs).

Update March 24:

A sign is posted

Update March 25:

mainstream media picks up the cause

Update March 26:



Malnurtured Snay said...


What a nightmare!

Katherine said...

Does this mean a summer of shirtless Herb? Those cleaners better stay closed!

Nick ( said...

Yo man, I'm in the same boat. Found your site through a search.

I have a pair of pants stuck at the same place. I tried calling the number on my ticket AND the landlord number. No luck.

I think are clothes are forever lost.

Shoot me an email if you figure out what to do to get our clothes back!

Herb of DC said...

There is a sign now on the door that says something like "Closed. 30 days. Pick-up only." I'll post a picture soon since it is so vague and poorly worded.

Anonymous said...

I dropped my clothes off on 3/12 and they aren't at the store. Apparently, they are at the place where they get cleaned. Now, I am really out of luck......

Anonymous said...


Or, better yet, make a UCC filing for the clothes and post the notice on the door. Watch for a liquidation or bankruptcy and go to court. If there isn't a bankruptcy, be sure to ask for liquidated damages.

Anonymous said...

Blue and white shirts? Brother, you need some other colors and patterns in your