Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Disappoint Google Daily!

Loving those spot-on Google searches! People use this new fangled thingy to garner information and as a result, strangers from around the world visit my blog. Based upon search details from my Sitemeter account, I think I am leaving many of them sorely disappointed.

1. Is Mike Rowe Mormon?

I don't know and why do you care? He's not running for President. However, I don't think I have ever seen him wearing Mormon underwear on "Dirty Jobs."

2. Washington DC porn stars

OK, I mean really. What an oxymoron!

3. People who are poo pot.

Marie Osmond stay off my blog!!!

4. Scholarships for brunettes


5. Finding herb in DC

Something tells me I don't think you are looking for me.

6. Why do dogs lick their blankets?

Because it is covering their butts?

7. Picture of a duck killing a rat.

Sorry, this isn't a porn site.

8. Where can I race my street car?

Have you seen my car?

9. Fashion through the years

Have you seen me in person?

10. Ann Curry leather

Sorry, this isn't a porn site.

11. Miss Utah dress

Sorry, this isn't a porn site

11. Possum soup labels

Yes, I was raised in Southern Indiana/Western Kentucky and ate burgoo but we never labeled it. Or really asked what was in it.

12. Are Fisher-Paykel refrigerators quiet?

YES!!! I can help with this. My FP refrigerator is very quiet and has been quiet since it stopped working the week before Thanksgiving. The "expedited" part is now in and I am on the schedule for Friday December 7. ("Your repairman will call between 8 and 10 to let you know what time he will be there.")

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