Saturday, April 18, 2009

DC Blogger Seeking New Roommate and New Material!

You must have a fascinating job, verifiable references, good credit, eccentric friends and the ability to generate humorous quotations. Do you often find yourself involved in wacky or thought provoking situations? Are you a frequent witness of crime and/or a daily Metro bus rider? Have you recently been involved in a dramatic and painful break-up? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a house with a middle-aged design and fashion challenged gay man and his two dogs, a cat and his zany underemployed dogsitter? Hilarious!

If so you may be the perfect roommate since I have run out of things to write about my life so let's start dissecting yours!

If you already have a nickname move to the front of the line! Otherwise be prepared to be assigned some unlikely 'Nom de Blog' such as “Logan Idol”, “eBlush” or “Cousin Chutney.”

Please be neat and clean or not mind having pictures of your mess posted for the entire interwebs to be seen.

Must be irony friendly.

My house is one block from U Street Metro/Starbucks/Black Cat/ Café St Ex. The furnished clean, bright bedroom has been recently updated and shares a remodeled hall bathroom.

Rent: $950 plus security deposit. Short term okay. No smokers or Twitter addicts. Room available May 1.

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