Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oprah's KFC Grilled Chicken Promotion

Dear Oprah Winfrey:

You already gave us a president and now you want to give us a chicken in every pot with your Kentucky Grilled Chicken Two-Piece Meal Coupon promotion with KFC? Did you really think this through?

First, not everyone is a fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) regardless of the healthful benefits of its new line of grilled chicken.

Plus, did you talk to your Help Desk staff at Harpo productions? Are you aware that some computer users have difficulties performing such simple tasks as downloading and printing out coupons? Who do you think they are going to blame when they have problems?

Apparently not all KFC restaurants are participating in this promotion and the ones that are are overwhelmed. Earlier today, a hungry mob of New Yorkers staged a '60s-style sit-in at a Manhattan KFC restaurant that refused to participate.

Perhaps you should call the Colonel in for a James Frey style (cough-cough) grilling?

In the meantime, are you reading some of the comments on your website?

REthink KFC.Poor children eating MSG filled FREE make Junkies out of them.How'bout some free organic greens and fruit.You need to support the right businesses!

Oprah, Good food, great meal,oh so sweet!! Thank God before you eat!!!

Went to KFC and there was a note on the door that they weren't honoring these coupons. I won't go to KFC again since they wasted my time and gas!

Have tried repeatedly to print the coupons and cannot do so. And, yes, I installed the coupon printer program. HELP!

As much as I appreciated the coupon, my local KFC modified the offer to only include 1 piece of chicken and 1 side. Nothing else. I kinda feel like that was bait and switch.

Thank you for the offer Oprah. I too was unable to print coupon, but, was glad that you wanted help.

hello oprah, i was treated horribly in the KFC by my area. i was told i had to buy the sides. and was told by the owner i should be thankfull to her for giving it to me. : o

When I arrived at my local KFC, they refused to honor the cupon. They reported that they had no more supplies. This is a rethorical question, but how does KFC run out of chicken?

I think it was wonderful that you bought everyone in America lunch today! Too Bad the city of New Orleans did not honor it!

you people need to be appreciative that she is offering this.stop complaining and being mad that it doesn't work.

Dear Opra, i tried everything I could think of, but couldn't download KFC coupons. Well, we tried! Jim

Thank you Oprah and KFC for the meal. I was able to not only feed me and my kids but a few strangers too. Printed coupons with no problems.

I can not print the coupons and i write computer software. tried to call kfc and the line is busy. this is really bad marketing.

What about the workers did any one think of the kfc workers

Oprah thanks for dinner i really neded it my boyfreind has been laid off for about 3 mos. Thanks to you and your staff, And thanks to the San Dimas KfC they where so nice to me.

We went to get our free Grilled chicken. We got there picked our sides, waited about 5 min for our order, drove home, opened our food and had original recipe

Update May 7: NPR agrees with me that Kentucky Grilled Chicken is now the James Frey of fast food


urban bohemian said...

Everyone in my office was buzzing about that promotion. I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped honoring it. People have already bypassed their coupon printing application and are mailing out a PDF of the coupon.

Even so, this article does make her sound pretty hypocritical for it.

Cash Gifting Practice said...

Hi Herb,

I received my coupon yesterday from a friend who alerted me to the deal.

I might just drive over to the local KFC and see if they accept it out of curiousity.

Independent of any negative publicity I can't even comprehend the free publicity that KFC is receiving. The word Kentucky Fried Chicken is being said and thought about millions of times. Some negative thoughts, some positive, but people are talking about it. That's all KFC or any corporation can ask for.

Thanks for sharing your insight.


Vin said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who realizes that this chicken is garbage. It contains MSG and trans-fat among other unhealthy ingredients. Here's a detailed discussion of why KFC's grilled chicken is unhealthy.

Nomad said...

it seems odd that Oprah would promote eating at KFC when their greasy food is so contrary to all her other dieting advice