Monday, May 11, 2009

What's Rule Number One When Organizing a Protest in DC?

Is Rule Number One spreading the word to your large and engaged populace via Social Media like Facebook? Making sure your protest signs are colorful and eye catching? Contacting the Main Stream Media in advance for coverage? Obtaining sponsors for food and water?


Rule Number One is double checking to ensure that your protest takes place at the correct address. We were all mystified when you showed up today waving your signs at us and snapping our pictures while we pulled out our camera phones and returned the photo fusillades. We mostly agree with your demands but regardless there is little we can do beyond what any other American citizens can do.

It was a little embarrassing and uncomfortable since you seemed so passionate and sincere. It was almost like telling the guests at your surprise birthday party that your birthday was last October but thanks anyway and by the way, you are allergic to chocolate cake.

You left after about an hour and hopefully someone had provided you with the correct organization address. Similar sounding names, different missions, different addresses.

It's so DC, isn't it?


lacochran said...

I'm just happy to see something non-chickeny. At least, I'm assuming the protest was on a different topic...?

urban bohemian said...

"Rule Number One" has been playing over and over in my head this past week. I simply can't believe that a group was so stu-- misguided.

Maybe DC really is a complicated city to navigate! :)