Friday, May 15, 2009

Video of Universal Gear Robbery

All the neighborhood blogs are posting the video of the Universal Gear robbery so I may as well join the fray, although I doubt if my tens of readers move in the right circles to spot the criminals. But if you see your local thug wearing a $79.50 pair of Cha Cha Boy Silver Print Swim Briefs or a Diesel Sleeveless V-Neck Hoodie you might want to call 911. It's sad that despite the renaissance of 14th St, punks like this can still terrorize small businesses with impunity.

NBC4 is running this video as part of its newscasts so hopefully these crooks will get caught soon.

There is a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of these criminals. Contact or call at 202-319-0136 with any information.


Scenic Wheaton said...

that is so blatant it sickens me.

Lee said...

Kudos to the shop boys, but I'm not sure I would have tried to stop them unless I was armed. These are probably the same types of guys who are attacking random individuals on the street at night in robbery attempts, just plain meaness, etc. I'm always reminded of Harrison Ford taking one in the head in Regarding Henry (I got between a purse snatcher and the lobby door once before until that movie popped into my mind . . . although I got the purse back)

jimbo said...

It's amazing they were so brazen. The camera footage should produce some likely suspects.