Friday, June 26, 2009

Okay Enough Already!

I mean yes he is the King of Pop, but he certainly is no Princess of Our Hearts.
I am beginning to agree with this blogger.


Gilahi said...

The problem is.... people keep buying this stuff. If people would stop throwing their money out on tripe like this, they'd stop selling it. It's enough to make me call up and cancel my order for the Ed McMahon steak knife set.

Titania said...

He stole Farrah's thunder!

Seriously, I am almost pissed. Maybe because I grew up in another culture where he was not the icon he was here, I am really bothered he is being treated almost like a saint and certainly like a role model, and, hello, the guy was accused of child molestation, and renegaded of his own heritage. 'Nuff said.

lacochran said...

I watched a bit of CNN and MSNBC this morning and that cartoon NAILS it.