Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Why Aren't Your Posts Showing Up On My Wall Anymore?

Cathy: So why aren't your posts showing up on my wall anymore Herb? Did you "hide" me?

Nope, Cathy. I've been taking a break from Facebook for about a month. No more Farmtown, endless self-indulgent quizzes or Michael Jackson mash up videos.

It's actually kinda nice, although really I have no excuse now for ignoring my blog. I do have more time to watch Operation Repo, the best fake reality show on TV.

This is their "Beat It" repo salute to Michael Jackson, I guess. Seems like I really can't escape him after all!

More Repo cast pictures...

1 comment:

lacochran said...

Does this mean you won't Friend me? *sniff*