Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow People Who Look Like America Are Mocking Me!

It appears that DC Snow People resemble more and more the 64% of Americans who are overweight. Maybe I am just being overly sensitive due to the 7 pounds I have already picked up this Holiday season but I feel as though these Snow People are mocking me.

This portly man with a carrot nose at 13th and T NW reminds me that vegetables are not just for body parts.

This snow person at 14th and V NW is bedecked with orange slices and olives--you know that stuff that just takes up space in your drink.

This is what happens to lazy Snow Children (14th and V NW) who spend too much time reading blogs.

Eventually those "fun" Hawaiian shirts have to come off revealing the extra high cankles. (14th St NW)

Next: Does Santa really see you when you are sleeping? Isn't that kinda pervy?


lacochran said...

Is that last one Marlon Brando?

Anonymous said...

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