Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ronald Reagan 4 Ever!

The scene: Saturday, March 5, 2011 14th and T Post Office, Washington, DC
2 windows open
27 people in line

After completing a long series of transactions, a young lady asks for three "Forever" stamps. The clerk replied very apologetically, "All we have now is Ronald Reagan. Is that okay?"

The young lady appeared stunned, and just stared at the clerk. Finally, she said "Ronald Reagan? Are you kidding, no, no no...anyone but Ronald Reagan! Ronald REAGAN? Are you kidding me?" Turning around she said to the crowd, "They only have RONALD REAGAN?"

Behind me I heard someone mutter, "It's not like you have to lick them any more!"


Gilahi said...

I once got an entire sheet of Richard Nixon stamps. I needed stamps, that was all they had, and I figured, "What the heck, they're just for my bills anyway." I soon realized that I didn't even want my creditors to see that I was using Richard Nixon stamps.

"Herb" of DC said...

Wait! Does this mean like Checkers and possibly Pat (once) you licked the back of Richard Nixon's head?

Gilahi said...

For better or for worse, no. As in real life, Mr. Nixon was more than adequately sticky on his own.

"Herb" of DC said...

Oh yeah. I forgot. Sticky Dicky.

avocadoinparadise said...

LOL, nice story! :)