Monday, January 8, 2007

The January Tree

Will someone help me take down my tree?

I love Christmas and enjoy decorating the tree. I can sit there for hours at night, gazing at the lights. Taking down the tree is something else; it is a painful, sad chore especially when you do it alone.

I think this is going to be another year of solo tree de-trimming, dammit. Once again Santa forgot to leave that special cub under the tree.

My father, Herb Sr has solved this problem by keeping his tree up year round in his house in Kentucky. He spends most of the year now in his Florida house and therefore doesn't have to stare at the sad, dusty ornamentless tree in the corner of the great room. He doesn't bother to decorate it at Christmas any more, he just turns on the lights. The lights that still work that is.

He thinks his tree is beautiful!

I think my tree is beautiful.

But it is time to be taken down now that MidAtlantic Leather weekend is approaching. I think it ruins the MAL leather daddy/cub mood when I drag someone home and they coo, "Oooo, are those Radkos?"



Bob said...

I found you! teeheehee! Or what am I supposed to say? FIRST!

OMG, I'll take down your tree already- geesh!

DC Herb said... you areally think you still qualify as "CUB" ;-)