Saturday, January 27, 2007

My (Now Irrelevant) AIM Conversation with Pastor Davies!

I was on AIM tonight and noticed that our favorite Bear for Jesus, Pastor Davies , whose brilliant performance art has been debated on Joe.My.God and other blogs this week, was online. Despite my adamant declaration that his 15 minutes of fame was over I decided to give him five more minutes for my ones of readers, especially since he has been remarkably quiet today. I tried to glean some additonal information from him but obviously I'm not a very good detective or he is just like most other guys on AOL and I am not cute enough to be bothered with.

Update: It appears his secret identity as been discovered by a JMG reader and he is actor Joey Oglesby. Good show Joey!!! Thanks for the fun this week!

TallGuyDC06 [6:18 PM]: hey how are you?

PastorDavies [6:18 PM]: Saddened

TallGuyDC06 [6:19 PM]: why? your videos are awesome!

PastorDavies [6:19 PM]: They've destroyed our MySpace profile. But we made the video available on our homepage. You can download the HD version there. Help spread the word, thank you so much.

TallGuyDC06 [6:19 PM]: any more coming out?

PastorDavies [6:19 PM]: Yes

PastorDavies [6:20 PM]: the CHOPS program is almost finished.

TallGuyDC06 [6:20 PM]: is there a paypal account where people can donate to your work?

PastorDavies [6:20 PM]: We're looking into charities that we'd rather you donate to.

TallGuyDC06 [6:21 PM]: oh thats a good idea

TallGuyDC06 [6:21 PM]: what does the S in CHOPS stand for?

TallGuyDC06 [6:23 PM]: If I know someone who could use the CHOPs program, do I send you his information to enroll? How does someone sign up?

TallGuyDC06 [6:23 PM]: (PastorDavies is currently not signed on)

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simon Jones said...

Much the same as a conversation I had with him. Funny guy.