Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What NOT to Do on Thanksgiving!

It just knocks the stuffing out of me that I find more and more retail businesses that are open on Thanksgiving Day. Are we so cranberry pickin' busy that we must be catered to every day of the year? Yeah the stores are packed before T-Day but let's give those underpaid, unappreciated pumpkin pie pushers a break.

I have relatives in the grocery business and Thanksgiving is the only day they have off from the middle of November until they collapse from exhaustion on Christmas Day and now they are about to lose that.

So people for the love of all things ButterBall:

Buy your "Ingredients for Life" some day other than Thanksgiving Day at Safeway. Tell Giant that you would prefer a "Giant on Your Side" on November 21st not November 22. RiteAid, with us "It's Personal" too so let your employees have a day off!

K-Mart, can you dim that Blue Light until Black Friday? We really don't need you "Right Here, Right Now" every day of the year.

So please stay home and enjoy friends and families. Read a good book. Volunteer at a shelter. Take a walk and do some bird watching. Text message a
thank you to a military man or woman. Call an old friend. If you run out or have forgotten some critical canned Thanksgiving tradition, its OK. Improvise. Borrow from a neighbor. But stay out of the stores please!

So Relax. Enjoy! Stop and smell the green bean casserole and have a great Thanksgiving!

PS. Stay out of McDonald's also. "I'm Lovin' It" by boycotting you for a day. I don't care if the McRib is back!

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