Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Cherry Pie for Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

Since both my parents were teachers, every life event was milked for the maximum educational impact. For instance in February at the dinner table we would celebrate the birth of second month's presidents by discussing Lincoln studying by candlelight or telling the story of George Washington throwing a coin across the river.

If global warming is caused by a lack of trees it certainly is not the fault of my family who slavishly celebrated Arbor day each year by planting a tree "for ecology." Is "ecology" even a word any more? Flag Day was celebrated with lots of red, white and blue decorations and visits to local cemeteries.

Along with the historical references we would also have theme dinners. As I write this on Abraham Lincoln's birthday, I fondly recall the annual cherry pie my mother would make in his honor with the outline of a hatchet cut out in the top crust.

Also as I write this I realize that the cherry pie was most likely in honor of the cherry tree cutting Washington.

Oh well, my parents tried their best.

However, for some reason I cannot see a cherry pie without thinking of Abraham Lincoln.

Happy Birthday, Abe! Enjoy your pie!

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