Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Potomac Primary! Robotopia + Culture + Hyper Culture at the Kennedy Center

The longest and most expensive presidential primary campaign in history marches into the the Washington DC area for the Potomac Primary.

The remaining Democratic candidates and their surrogates flood the Kennedy Center with their messages.

Republican candidates hammer home their familiar themes in the North Atrium

Voters swing from candidate to candidate as favorites drop out or a new leader in the race is proclaimed

The candidates display discipline to stay "on message" and patiently answer the same questions day after day

Clear differences on some issues

Despite the tireless campaigning, the hard won votes and the millions spent, the final decisions may be in the hands of the Super Delegates.


Venue: The Kennedy Center, Washington DC
Exhibit: Japan! Culture + Hyper Culture
Photos: JessiCub
Herb: Himself

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