Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scarlet's 37th Annual Bake Sale

Thanks to the work of the Junior Herb Youth Corp, I can now stay home in agoraphobic bliss and blog about events I didn't attend such as the 37th Annual Scarlet's Bake Sale held at the DC Eagle. The Scarlet Foundation Inc. has announced that proceeds from this year's event will benefit Food & Friends and Pets-DC.

Had I been there, I totally would have bid for this campcake.

Pets-DC does wonderful work "Caring for the Companions Who Comfort Our Friends."

A cake walk the "Partridge Family" never took.

This is not your mother's church bazaar cake!

Everyone loves the iconic Armadillo cake!

Another missed opportunity--I've always wanted to ask the First Lady of Leather what gown she will bequeath to the Smithsonian?

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