Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DC Residents! Plant a Tree for Arbor Day and Earn $50!

Friday April 25 is Arbor Day in DC. Did you know the DC State Tree is the Scarlet Oak (Quercus Coccinea)? Why was I thinking it was the Japanese Cherry tree? Why isn't there an annual Quercus Coccinea Festival here? [insert obvious joke here]

The District of Columbia has had a long and well earned reputation for its beautiful canopy of trees. The 1791 L'Enfant Plan specified grand tree-lined avenues. In the 1870’s the planting of 60,000 street trees was a large part of a massive public works program that earned the District the nickname of “City of Trees.”

One hundred years later the canopy of trees of Washington was suffering and concerned citizens began to take action to re-green the city and in 2001, and the very generous non-profit
Casey Trees was established.

Casey Trees and District Department of the Environment (DDOE) have teamed up to offer a rebate of up to $50 to individuals who plant a tree on private property in DC in the spring of 2008.

To be eligible for the rebate you must:

1. Purchase a large canopy tree (such as an oak or elm).
2. Plant it at a residence in DC.
3. Pledge to water and care for it for a minimum of two years.
4. Mail your signed rebate request by May 31, 2008.
5. Receive a $50 rebate check (or the full cost of the tree up to $50)

For more information and the Rebate Request form
click here. Planting a tree on Arbor Day would be a nice touch but you have until May 31, 2008 to return the Rebate Request form. So get out there and plant those Quercus Coccineas!

God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying, "Ah!"- Joseph Campbell

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MightyMe said...

I'd like to do this, but I have this feeling the tree roots will destroy the sidewalk, and my neighbors will hate me.