Monday, June 9, 2008

Christmas in June and Judging Miss Oklahoma

Once again I am flummoxed by some of the Google searches that bring folks to my blog. Today the two most bizarre are "judging miss oklahoma" and "conspiracy satan or santa." What kind of blog does Google think I am running here? Me judgmental? Satan/Santa conspiracy theories?

Oh wait, I did blog once that Santa=Satan and how some guy with lots of time on his hands (why do I know that only a guy would do this?) discovered that if you play "Silver Bells" backwards you hear some satanic message. Or is least he does. It was kinda lame but since it is so freakishly hot out, if a little devil-may-care Holiday music puts you in a cooler mood, you can listen to it here.

There do you feel a little cooler now?

The Miss Oklahoma 2008 crown was won by lyrical dancer Kelsey Cartwright. Ms. Cartwright prepared for winning the title with "a lot of calf raises and Fox News watching."

Oh Kelsey! I don't judge. I just present the facts and like the Fox News slogan: "We report. You decide."

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