Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Happy Ukulele 4th of July Tony Danza"

A typical Independence day: Fireworks, Ribs, Tony Danza, Ukuleles and FBI Rapists. It started as a busy day off of basically doing nothing particularly productive. First a quick trip into the office to pick up some papers on my way to Virginia.

Heading down 14th St I saw an "Only in DC" one man street protest at the corner of 14th St and Pennsylvania Ave. In order to get a picture I made a U turn in front of the Ronald Reagan Building much to the alarm of the security guards out front. Trying to take a picture while driving by was unsuccessful the first time and I drove around the block and got this distant picture. (Click to enlarge).

His sign reads "FBI Stop Raping My Wife". WTF? And what's up with the Colonel Sanders suit? I would have liked to stop and ask questions but I decided making a second U turn in front of the Ronald Reagan Building ill-advised.

In Virginia I attempted to get a haircut.

Patriotic b*st*rds!

Returning home I stocked the Fisher-Paykel with the groceries and started slowly cooking the ribs basting occasionally with a 3 year old jar of Moonlite Bar-B-Q sauce. Hopefully, Kentucky's finest Bar-B-Q sauce, like fine wine and Dolly Parton, gets better with age.

On sunny days like today, I hang my laundry out to dry on the deck.

Sisters Lucy and Lizzie (pictured here with Diva dog cousin Missie) are already sniffing around the kitchen in anticipation of big bone buffet later tonight.

Possum Cat looks upon all of us with bemusement.

I won't be going down to the Mall tonight to watch the fireworks. I plan to stay home and watch them on TV with the rest of the Animal House. If so inclined I could crawl out on the roof and see most of them, but I would rather stay safely inside and eat ribs in front of the TV. Burp. Besides usually there are plenty enough illegal fireworks in this neighborhood with the noise that scares Lucy and Lizzie and they bark non-stop from about 6:00 pm to Midnight. Maybe I should go down...

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July everyone. And really FBI, leave that poor man's wife alone!

Update: 6:00 pm The Mall is being evacuated due to an intense thunderstorm heading down I-66 towards DC. There is also a tornado watch.

I'm glad I stayed home. Now back to the ribs.

Update: Final

My Review of The Capitol Fourth Television show

PBS took the theme “Spirit of 76” literally and cast the show in order to appeal to a television demographic with the average age of 76. Hosted by ubiquitous triple threat Tony Danza (Actor, Talk Show Host, Mr Judith Light) and headlined by such show biz luminaries as quadruple threat Bebe Neuwirth (Actress, Dancer, Baritone, Mrs. Kelsey Grammer) the show gives Capital Hill residents their annual opportunity to badly dance in front of the camera to such get down and rock out to numbers like “Oh Susannah.”

There was also some country singer I had never heard of, a chorus of sweaty old folks, Yolanda Adams, a token American Idol loser, and future double threat Hayden Panettiere (Actress, Rehab).

It seemed to me that the timing of the fireworks in relation to the show were slightly off this year since they started while Bebe was still singing her medley of “Songs Liza Can No Longer Sing.” She finished her money note and Tony came out ominously carrying a ukulele and said he planned on doing a song but changed his mind since the fireworks had started. Thankfully he introduced the orchestra, proof there is a god!


Bob said...

Was it just me or were there a lot more individuals celebrating with fireworks last night?!? In COHE they carried on well into the night... as the firemen at 14th and Newton looked on and enjoyed the show.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Nutella doesn't need to be refrigerated.

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