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Mike Rowe, Art Carney and Cow Poo on "Larry King Live"

Mike Rowe

Larry King of the ironically titled "Larry King Live" on CNN attempted to get down and dirty with "real" people and talks poo.

On July 6, Mike Rowe of the grosstastic "Dirty Jobs" series on the Discovery Channel appeared along with some of the regular folks who have hosted Mike and allowed him to do such fun stuff as clean out septic tanks or stick his arm up a cow's a**. Think 4-H projects from Hell. "Dirty Jobs" is very funny due to Mike's sly self-deprecating humor and his sincere effort at performing the jobs while featuring real people who proudly perform unpleasant tasks that allow the rest of us to comfortably read blogs all day at our cushy desk jobs.

The show was hilarious thanks to Mike's banter and Larry's complete lack of familiarity with "Dirty Jobs." You can catch the show in re-runs or read the transcript using your inner Larry King voice.

Larry Doesn't Get It

KING: Are you surprised that it worked so well?

ROWE: I'm surprised how fast it worked. The show is really simple. It couldn't be simpler.

KING: How long has it been on?

ROWE: About 150 years now.


ROWE: It's been on three years

(I actually don't recall Larry laughing. I think it was more of a puzzled look like "You've been on the air as long as I have?")

ROWE: It's been on three years. We've done 152 jobs. And initially we wanted to do three hours and maybe 12 jobs. And what happened was I just messed up. People started watching. I didn't think it would happen.

My business model has been made based, really, on get involved with shows that are doomed to fail and thereby freeing up many months of off time.

KING: Good idea.

ROWE: For 18 years it worked great. I just miscalculated with "Dirty Jobs".


Larry Finally Gets It

KING: Do you pay these people?

ROWE: They're doing OK on their own.

To appear on the show?

KING: So you don't pay them?


KING: You don't pay them to appear?


KING: So it's their jobs and they're happy to show off these jobs to you?

ROWE: Absolutely.

KING: And not get paid for it?

ROWE: Absolutely.

KING: This show is a gold mine then.


Larry Talks Dirty

(Mike and Larry are joined by Les Swanson, septic tank cleaner)

KING: What makes you a great, great septic tank cleaner?

SWANSON: A poor sense of smell.


SWANSON: A lot of patience. I like to get dirty.

KING: You like to get dirty?


KING: What's the best thing about the job?

SWANSON: Oh, the satisfaction ...

Larry Makes a Relevant Cultural Reference

KING: One your heroes -- was Norton a hero of yours, from "The Honeymooners?" Gleason's guy, Norton?


KING: Art Carney.

SWANSON: Art Carney?

KING: He went down into the sewers.



SWANSON: I'm sorry. That was before my time, I guess.


SWANSON: I remember "The Honeymooners," is that it?

KING: "The Honeymooners".


KING: Norton worked the sewers.


ROWE: He's a young man, Larry.

SWANSON: Maybe I missed that part of it.

ROWE: He's a young man.

Larry Sends Al Gore Pot

(Matt Fruend a dairy farmer with a lot of cow poo on his hands makes "cow pots" that are actually a biodegradable plantable pot made of manure.

FREUND: Al Gore would love it. I'd love to give him one.

ROWE: Maybe we can -- gosh, do we know anybody who knows Al Gore?

KING: I know him.

FREUND: If you know him ...

ROWE: Oh, you know Al Gore?

FREUND: If you know Al Gore ...

KING: I'll get him a pot to him, right?

ROWE: Holy poo.

FREUND: There you go.


With different guests, but I found this funny clip of phone calls we would like to hear to Larry and his guests. (if you can't view this you might want to consider using Mozilla/Firefox as your browser.)

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