Saturday, July 28, 2007

Does This Sharpie Make My A** Look Big?

A headless performance artist boldly took on derogatory speech Saturday July 28 in what is apparently Hate Speech Central: The Red State leaning Starbucks at U Street/Logan Circle.

The mob of rich, racist, homophobic and hard snacking onlookers were invited to to take a break from the management of their Halliburton stock portfolios to write on the artist's body hateful phrases that they use freely such as "Butt Pirate", "Lard Ass" or "Laminate Countertops" in order to reclaim these slurs. Or something like that.


Drunken Head Shots: JessiCub
Product Placement: Frito-Lays


Reya Mellicker said...

I hope it wasn't really a sharpie she let them use because even the coarsest exfoliants won't work. Yikes.

AO said...

i wish i had seen that! good job on having the camera.

Golden Silence said...

That girl has guts. That was brave of her to take on something like that.