Monday, January 21, 2008

New DC Cab Fares: Who Wins, Who Loses?

I decided to put the Washington Post's handy dandy
District Taxi Fare Estimator to the test to determine who comes out ahead with some sample trips from my house in the Logan/U Street area by comparing the old zone rate to the new time and distance fare system.

From my house to bars and restaurants on 17th St:

Zone $6:50
Fare: $4.00


Bars and restaurants on 17th St and the cab drivers. Before I would just stay home instead of paying $6.50 for a short hop but now I believe cab drivers will stay constantly busy in the evening shuttling drunks riders short distances.


My liver

From my house to the Columbia Heights Giant:

Zone: $8.80
Fare: $4.50


Say "Hola!" to the Columbia Heights Giant since previously I didn't shop there since I don't like having to deal with their parking garage and carrying groceries on the Metro was just not gonna happen. Cab drivers once again will stay steadily busy shuttling passengers up and down the hill instead of cruising aimlessly around looking for fares or idling next to the
Sticky Fingers Bakery.


The Brentwood Giant and your big ass parking lot filled with day laborers. Maybe now I really can sell my car!

From my house to work:

Zone: $7.50 (including rush hour premium)
Fare: $7.50


It's a tie baby! Kiss your Aunt and declare the Metro the winner since this reminds me once again how stupid it is for me to take a cab when I can get to my office just fine via Metro. Cab drivers win since what is not included in the above fare are the new wait charges for hitting traffic during rush hour if I do decide that is "No Mass Transit Monday" for me. (And really, if your cab is nice and clean I always add a extra dollar to the tip.)


Other Metro riders who will have to deal with my morning crankiness and occasional rankness.

My house to Georgetown Park Mall:

Zone: $8.80
Fare: $ 6.75


Oh who are we kidding? Have you seen my pictures on this blog? Like I ever shop at Georgetown Park. Maybe if they opened a Sears there or a rad Brew Thru outlet or something.


My liver

How will fares for your favorite trips change?


Jon said...

I too played around with the fare calculator yesterday. Since I live about 4 blocks from a zone line, almost anywhere I go will be cheaper with a meter. What I discovered though, is the real value is in taking cab rides with multiple people.

Eliminating the $1.50 per extra passenger is huge. For me and three friends to go from my apartment on 16th st. to say, M St. in Dupont circle, goes from a $13 cab ride to a $6.50 cab ride. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I took a cab yesterday and there was a sticker about a gas 1.00 surcharge effective 11/30/07. My driver didn't charge me the rate, but any news on the revised "tack-ons" the Fenty administration agreed to behind our backs?

Herb of DC said...

Jon: you are right. That crazy extra passenger fee never did make sense.

Anonymous: According to the fine print of the sticker that surcharge ends at the end of January. I haven't read if it will be extended.