Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Out with the Old, In with the Old

Trios Restaurant, 17th St NW
New Years Day, 2008

Young woman: May we have a menu to look at while we are waiting?
Cashier/Bartender: What do you need a menu for? It hasn't changed in 50 years!
Young woman: Cause we have never been here before?
Cashier/Bartender: What took you so long!

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Anonymous said...

Too funny .. but actually .. I was visiting DC after many years away and was appalled by the "new" trios ... when I lived here, it was your neighborhood diner ... but now .. uh .. colorful ... and the menu has definitely changed from the old days of "veal cutlet"!

love your blog ... but i'm coming back next week and what is an almost bear to do with this great challenge of which bar!