Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007 Blog Wrap-Up!

Herb of DC
Blogging Like a 12 year Old Since Jan. 2007

I often wonder why folks stop by my blog--it's not particularly well written, the photography is amateurish (yet I think improving) and I freely admit the humor is often sophomoric.

Regardless, people stop by daily and waste some time in my corner of the Internets. So what were the most popular reads here in 2007?

The most popular items were posts linked through some inexplicable process by DCBLOGS, Wonkette, or DCIST. Leading the pack was this DCBLOGS, Wonkette, and DCIST favorite The Rat Killing Hawk of Red Cross Square.

Another post duly noted by Wonkette and DCBLOgs was my coverage of the tribute to the
mysteriously missing bees.

I joined the Harry Potter frenzy with my likely sounding (but often not) plot spoilers with my farmers market interpretation of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in a piece that became a Google and DCBLOGS pick
Bloody Harry Potter Plot Details Revealed During Mount Pleasant Rampage.

International Google searches often delivered very disappointed readers to the very non-pornographic Porn Stars and I Are for the Environment.

Of course the #1 Google search to my blog involves tweens looking for information on
"High School Musical 3 or 4."
Uh sorry kids. I was just kidding. No hard feelings, right? You won't withhold my Social Security in a few years will you?

One of my favorites, if anything for JessiCubs ability to sneak pictures of me into a pretentious street performance "Does This Sharpie make My A** Look Big?"

The post Halloween only-in-DC true story
that still astonishes me in its brashness is my "On the Second Day of Halloween."

Thanks again for stopping by during 2007. I look forward to your visits in 2008!


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