Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meters Made!

DC joins the rest of the zoneless world as Mayor McSpeedy scores another victory and announces the new fares for metered DC cabs today. The much reviled and abused zone system is as dead as my social life as of April 6, 2008.

The changes include a $3 base charge for passengers and an additional 25-cent charge for every one-sixth mile after the first one-sixth mile. The maximum fare for any trip starting and ending in the District will be $18.90. Sounds fair to me!

As part of the mayor's plan, additional fees for rush hour travel and that ridiculous fee for additional passengers will be eliminated. The meter system reduces the additional fare during a snow emergency to 25 percent compared to the outrageous 200 percent under the outgoing zone system.

Predictably there are already threats of a strike from cabbies. Bring it on buds! Maybe your replacements are already in the backlog of nearly 1,600 driver applications and will be DC residents with cabs that are kept in good shape, have working heating and cooling systems and interiors that don't smell like a week old chili half-smoke.

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