Sunday, January 27, 2008

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Versus DC Gentrification

Everyone's favorite underage anthropomorphic turtle misfits, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have left the sewers of Manhattan to fight crime, litter and gentrification in DC in a colorful wraparound mural to promote the Meat Market Gallery's Performance Week.

Located at the corner of 14th and T NW, this exhibit once again demonstrates the prominance of the Logan Circle area as the new center of the local art movement.

"I see London, I see France! Where are the Rapture Loft occupants?"

Wait, isn't this the former site of the Church of Rapture that was featured in a two part article in the Washington Post about the impact of gentrification on this very corner?

Is this loft conversion another project that has been put
on hold due to the economy? Did God help the Church of Rapture's Doctor Theresa make the real estate sale of the decade just in time? If so will he advise me before my adjustable rate mortgage... adjusts?

With no lofty granite countertops or rapturous churchgoers this leaves me and
my rarely washed Carhartts to take on Raphael's sai as I protect brunchers at neighboring Cafe Saint-Ex from his sarcasm and unrelentless demands for simple pizza.

Leonardo joins reporter April O'Neil as she gets the scoop on the new three story bar/restaurant "Policy" rumored to be opening on the northwest corner of 14th and T which has some residents concerned about increased noise and more parking difficulties. Will this project succeed in the new reality of today's real estate climate?

Gentrification or not one thing remains the same on this corner and the Foot Soldiers join me in my Sisyphean battle against chicken bone litter that has engulfed 14th St.

Wow! In such a short time from Church of Rapture to Rapture Lofts to Meat Market! I think it is going to be another tough year. We are all going to have to remain calm, Rocksteady and pray for future real estate rapture.


Murals painted by Provincial Painting 1-800-775-0905.

Photos by JessiCub

Chicken Bones by KFC

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garbage in garbage out this stuff is for the visually illiterate !