Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Want to Be a Good DC Host for the Inauguration But...

Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009

"And if you are thinking of driving a single-passenger vehicle into the District, finding a parking space will be like winning the lottery."

Hey I always try to be a good host! Company coming? I clean the house, change the guest bed linens, leave a good bottle of bourbon on the bureau chocolates on the pillow and disinfect the remote control.

But hosting parking for thousands and thousands of cars on January 20?

Not all of us in DC are lucky enough to have off street parking. Unfortunately all those DC residents living in a 50 block area from 11th St NW to 21 St NW between K and P will not be able to park on their own streets starting at 3:00 pm Monday January 19.

So will all those folks move their cars into neighborhoods to the North? If not where would they go? I don't see any guidance from DC, the Secret Service or for that matter Oprah on this.

Along with DC residents migrating to other neighborhoods we will also have the throngs of drivers from Maryland and other states ignoring the warnings who will drive their cars into DC looking for close-in parking.

So where will DC residents park on Inauguration Day?

Compounding matters, don't forget that January 20 is a DC Holiday. I doubt that Traffic Control Officers will be patrolling neighborhoods. Will this became the Super Bowl of All Time of Double and Illegal Parking throughout DC neighborhoods?

I'm parking my car Saturday, and don't plan to move it again until January 21.

And you can disinfect your own damn remote.


D.C. Confidential said...

You can park your car at our house. We have plenty of space in the back. Of course, once you park here, your options are: a) stay here; b) catch the 70 Express back downtown; c) catch the Red Line at Takoma Station; or d) walk home. It's about four miles and all downhill.

Seriously, though? That's insane! I mean, why is the Secret Service cordoning off an area that large? Cutting things off at K Street would be more than sufficient.

Gilahi said...

We have room. Park your car in Alexandria and we'll give you a ride back to the Metro station so you can get home.