Monday, January 19, 2009

"Yummo!" Or WWMTLS? (What Would Mary Todd Lincoln Serve?)

Suddenly Abraham Lincoln is everywhere in DC! His words, his Memorial even his favorite foods will be served to the Obamas at the post-Inauguration lunch.

So how authentic is this lunch? To research I went to my copy of the Congressional Club Cookbook and there was the truth on page 16: Mary Todd Lincoln's favorite recipe was corn on the cob!

This 5 minute recipe sounds familiar! What, is it possible? Yes, the sad truth is Mary Todd Lincoln was the Rachael Ray of the Civil War.

Mary Todd Lincoln's Corn on the Cob

Bring enough water to boil more than cover the corn when it is added to the kettle

Add one table of salt for each quart of water

Drop the corn into the boiling water and return to boil

Turn off the heat immediately and let the corn stand in the water for five minutes.

Serve with butter

Rachael Ray's Corn on the Cobb

Fill a large stockpot with unsalted water and bring to a rolling boil.

Add corn on the cob to the boiling water.

Let water return to a boil.

Cover pot and immediately turn off heat.

Let covered pot sit undisturbed on the burner for 10 minutes.

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