Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Found Jesus on Craigslist!

My long and endlessly blogged about quest to find an acceptable tenant has ended. After running several versions of my ad on Craigslist, even increasing the asking price which significantly increased the number of replies--I have found someone to be my new roommate.

My new tenant isn't:

"Erika" who when touring the house spent the entire time talking on her cell phone about her very important role with the Obama campaign and couldn't be bothered to pretend to like the room or ask any question of me or the house beyond "Do the appliances make loud noises?" Good luck with that Chief of Protocol appointment you get after the election.

"Zack" whom I kept calling "Eric" (whoops, sorry dude).

"Joe" the tuba player in the Air Force band at Bolling Air Force Base. As far as I know you are still marching through Logan Circle since you didn't show up to your appointment and didn't call or email me even though I moved the appointment to a time of your choosing. That tuba thing was going to be a deal breaker anyway although I really did want to see you try to march it up the spiral stairs to the 3rd floor.

"Jason" recently returned from the Peace Corp in Tanzania who didn't return my follow-up calls or emails.

"Allison" who didn't show up for appointment to see the room.

"Nick" the sommelier.

"Jada" the sommelier.

(Note:I really don't have anything against sommeliers but I just can't imagine you would be happy living with a wine-in-a-box kinda guy).

"Elizabeth" who didn't show for her appointment to see the room. Maybe because I kept calling her "Erika" on the phone.

"Bob" who showed up with his mother. I liked her--if she is looking let me know.

"Tony" the Kiwi who was worried that my house might have issues

"Emily" the girl who throws birthday parties for her vadge.

Instead I found Jesus. He was here all along just a few blocks away. All I had to do was open my home and heart to him.

On Saturday a nice young man named Jesus (hey-Soos) of Puerto Rico and Brooklyn moved in. And he has been a great tenant and respectful roommate so far!

P.S. Haven't told him about the blog yet...


jimbo said...

Mental note: if you make an appointment with Herb, stick to it and let him know if you can't make it!

hipchickindc said...

Hey, good for you and hope Jesus is fabulous.

I'm in the tenant-searching process right now (but for a place I own in MD) and it just generally sucks. Your post did inspire me to keep the rent high for now.

Anonymous said...

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