Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Is There Anyone on This Ship Who Even Remotely Looks Like Satan?"

Recently someone at the Big Humanitarian Non-Profit has been calling me "Dave." After correcting him a couple of times I asked him who my twin was.

"Dave the Auditor" he replied.

I know Dave the Auditor. Dave the Auditor is an acquaintance of mine and I am no Dave the Auditor.

Maybe at some point we lose the ability to see ourselves accurately. I still see myself as:

The reality is probably more like this:

But Dave the auditor?


lacochran said...

A relative said I looked EXACTLY like a woman on a TV commercial. It was uncanny!

I saw the commercial. I was not pleased.

Katherine said...

Do not underestimate the sexiness of Picture #2. Well, at least to the Geek Population.