Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What If It Was Herb of DC's Vote that Lost the Election?

A video starring me!

This is probably last month's viral email but it is pretty funny and you have to admire their use of technology!

Don't forget to vote! Customize this to send to your friends!

(I'm discovering this doesn't always display correctly with Internet Explorer--try Firefox!!!)

Update 11/01/08:

Dear CNNBC viewer,

Wow. Thanks to people like you, this nonvoter video has now been sent to over 11 million friends. It's going out to more than 30 new people per second.
Research shows that this kind of social "nudging" is extremely effective. So we're aiming to reach 15 million people before Election Day—only a few days away.
Can you help by sending this video to a few more friends today?


Studies show that by far the best way to get people out to vote is to convince them that (a) everyone else is voting, and (b) everyone will know if they don't vote. This video does both—with a smile (or smirk, in some cases).
It takes just seconds to send, and it could be the thing that actually pushes a friend of yours to the polls.

Click here to send more personalized videos to your friends:


Thanks for all you do.
–The CNNBC team


lacochran said...

Herb sucks! Git 'em!

Gilahi said...

Bastard. We owe you now.