Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And in the Event of My Untimely Death, I Bequeath my Blog to…

I recently was updating my will and after laying out clear and firm instructions for my executor to immediately collect my “personal” photos and any “toys” usually not seen on Saturday morning TV (I call this role that of the “Grim Sweeper”) I remembered my blog.

So what happens if you have a blog and you unexpectedly have Your Comments Permanently Moderated? Does your blog just hang out there forever as your readership declines and folks wonder if you finally did meet Marie Osmond (or Cazwell) and got married? Will your blog host eventually delete your blog to make room for uh, fresher content?

Here are the options as I see it:

1. Leave a password for your executor with instructions to immediately delete your blog. “They say you can't take it with you, well guess what bitches, I did!”

2. Ask that your executor make one last update announcing that you became living challenged. “After several days of not moving during a 'High School Musical' and 'Camp Rock' Marathon it was determined that Herb of DC had lip synched his way into Camp Eternity. He is survived by his cat Possum and veal cutlet pooches Lucy and Lizzie who are hoping to finally have a human companion who will take them for a walk.

3. Will your blog to a relative to make it his/her own. If my sister took control of this blog it would feature regular updates on the latest macramé techniques or polls to determine who is cuter—Bobby Sherman or Davy Jones. Probably most of my readers wouldn't notice the change.

4. Leave your blog to a relative to pretend he/she is you. Think “Hints from Heloise.” Sure her daughter has taken over but I swear she just recycles the same columns over and over again. Yes we get it--VINEGAR is great for cleaning! And duct tape is not just for dating. Sheesh!

5. Give your blog to a friend. Bob would you take this over? I mean there needs to be a blog devoted to "Everything Ina Gartner", right?

6. Pass on your blog to another blogger. What a great way for a blogger to wreak havoc and start blog wars without harming his/her own blog or reputation. “Herb of DC is awfully vicious with his comments these days. However, his grammar has improved and thank god he hasn't posted about proper corn shucking techniques or the Osmonds lately.”

So who will you leave your blog to? And who wants this one?

By the way I'm not planning on going anywhere soon...


Gilahi said...

You could leave it to charity. I understand that "The Sisters of Perpetual Agony" are looking for an outlet.

Or, in the case of your blog in particular, you could pass it along to NORML. All they'd need to do is stop pronouncing the "H" in "Herb".

Bob said...

I could see it- "Herb of DC" gives way to "Everything Ina"... although, we're not having the antipasto platter from her latest House Beautiful column when we grill out this Saturday.

lacochran said...

Oh, definitely Davy Jones. No question.

Nice treatment. Funny stuff. :)

sfw said...

Ok, so - I'm looking for an affordable lawyer to do our wills. Does this mean you know one?

Katherine said...

Did you leave money to form an anti-in-store corn shuckers organization in your memory? You know, sort of like the Pork, the Other White Meat folks. They might need the blog as a platform to better carry out their Mission.

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