Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Your Vacation--My Blog!

Well after several months of weekend work at the Really Big Non-Profit, it looks like my August will also be filled with toiling away on the Project From Hell That Never Ends. I shouldn't complain, management bought us lunch from Pot Belly TWICE for our weekend work in June. With chips!

It doesn't look like I will be taking a summer trip this year so please help me out--send me your vacation pictures to my email address listed at the top! Since there will be no pictures of me showing off my abs at Rehoboth Beach* or bungee jumping the Grand Canyon** I will post yours here and you will have fame, glory and the thrill of knowing that tweens throughout the world looking for information on "High School Musical" 3 and 4 will be intently studying your pictures looking for glimpses of Zac or Vanessa.

* Time Travel Machine not included
**Are you so new to my blog that you would believe that?

First up Dinah and her camping trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains:

Looking towards the Massanutten Mountain range

The Peek-A-Boo Buck!

Thanks Dinah!

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Dinah said...

You're quite welcome. The trip was lots of fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of the bear cub that was foraging by the road (Skyline Drive) on my way there.
I'd love to take another vacation just so I could send you more pictures. Perfect reason for a vacation!