Friday, August 29, 2008

I Continue to Disapoint [sic] Google!

Google searches bringing folks to my blog this week include:

female super bowl

how to please people

fired employees of lowes

how to run a corn shucking contest

DC emoticon

sally struthers porn

youtube pig mouth sharpie

and my favorite, one that is almost Haiku in its simple beauty...

Hillary Clinton Iowa, corn, wow, "State Fair"


Gilahi said...

It'll be interesting if someone does a search on "disapoint".

Herb of DC said...

Thanks gilahi!

The really sad thing is I thought that looked wrong so I turned on spellcheck and corrected it. Or at least I thought I did! Oh well, I won't bother to correct it now since fives of my readers have already seen it.

Dennis said...

Should I be more afraid that someone is looking for "Sally Struthers porn" or that it might actually exist?