Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Notorious Blogebrity

Despite my first name and picture being on this blog I am still startled when a stranger mentions my blog. Do that many people really read this thing? Or is my blog so limited in scope that my Blogebrity reaches no further than two or three blocks from my house which is where most of my interactions with the Herbarazzi occurs.

The latest encounter occurred at the 14th and U Farmers Market where one of the vendors asked if I had a food blog. Yikes, was I about to get a heirloom tomato facial? Had I suggested that his produce was less than organic? His carrots were limp? No snap in his snap beans? Crooked zucchini? No wait, I always have kind words for Farmers Markets--especially my home market! Feeling safe
from Swiss chard in a definitely unneutral spot I confessed that I had a blog but it wasn't about food.(1)

He said wasn't sure how he found my blog but he found it through random Googling (2) and liked it. Whew! Also he recognized me by the Tractor Supply Company baseball cap I was wearing.

Note to self if you are seeking Blogebrity, always wear in public the same clothing you are wearing in the profile picture of your blog. You not only save a lot of money but you will be thought of as eccentric and perhaps colorful, instead of cheap and crazy.

It was a beautiful August day here today and I hope you got out and enjoyed it.

Pictured above is "Chorus Line of Farmers Market Booty" August 9, 2008.

(1) Actually I don't know what my blog is about. I just know its not about grammar.
(2) Most random Google searches to my blog involve "High School Musical" or "TMNT"

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