Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cupcakes and More Dancing!

We are still in September, the month I am dedicating to you, the month that I will use my blog for doing good and the month that I will most likely lose my tens of readers.

First up, cupcakes! Who doesn't like a good cupcake? You can put lipstick on a cupcake but it is still a cupcake! (Keith Olberman call me, seriously dude!).

You can find delicious cupcakes here in DC at Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle. Tell them Herb sent you!

Have a date coming up? Or is your social life as dry as my Baptist cousin Norman's wedding? Try making Better than Sex cupcakes!

Okay so maybe you don't like to bake cupcakes, you are just a cupcake voyeur? Kinky! For cupcake porn try the blog "How to Eat a Cupcake."

After all those cupcakes, you will need to work those calories off. Ready for a vigorous turn around the dance floor with everyone's favorite multi-cultural dance, "The Mexican Hat Dance?"



lacochran's evil twin said...

When I see "Cupcake Porn" I expect equal parts cupcake and porn... if not 40/60.


Gilahi said...

Wow. We've had "The Great Emancipator", "Silent Cal", "Ike", and other great leaders. After this, if Ms. Palin gets into office, I will always think of her as "Cupcakes".