Friday, September 26, 2008

The "Yes Dance" and Advice for the Young Adult Leaders of Tomorrow

Definitely not naked High School Musical 6 or the all lesbian High School Musical 7 or the porntastic High School Musical 10. And I am not just saying that because 1/3 of my Google searches are due to the fact that I once made a joking reference here to High School Musical, 3, 4 and 5. It would be wrong to mislead the Young Adult Leaders of Tomorrow (and Google search) again, wouldn't it?

Speaking of my readers under 21, I just want to remind you that lavish Social Security benefits, like the SATs and the Lynn Spears "book" tour will always be around. Do not get tricked into opening one of those fake 401K thingys at work. It is well known that 401ks cause adult acne. Do you think Miley Cyrus estranged from her parents has a 401K? I should say not. And that alleged company match? They totally take it away when you leave or if you ever get caught checking Facebook or MySpace on the job.

This is the "Yes Dance" video and is not about Zak Efron who has never had NAKED PICTURES in Playgirl or gay Porn or that dirty, dirty girl Vanessa Hudgens and her all girl shopping orgies.

Just two wholesome guys (I think) doing the life affirming "Yes Dance." May Not be Safe For Work or the Seventh Grade.

Not to be confused with this "Yes Dance."

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lacochran said...

Why do I feel the need for a shower after that post?