Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Terrorists Have Won--Columbia Heights Surrenders!

Bear invasion rocks CoHi. Is Petworth next?

The Columbia Heights Metro station was closed for a time on Tuesday morning because of a large, stuffed polar bear that was found outside the station.

Police first described the stuffed bear as a suspicious package, and the bomb squad was called in to investigate. There was a heavy police presence at the scene, and witnesses described the bear as a large, stuffed polar bear that was standing up near a trash can.

The incident caused a disruption in service for riders on the green and yellow lines at the Columbia Heights Metro station. Service was restored around 11:45 a.m.

There's no word yet from police about why the bear was there or who may have left it. They also haven't said what else-- if anything-- was found around the scene.

The DCist offered some theories on the bear on their website. One post suggested it might have been a man in a bear suit, and another said it could have been a creation by a local artist. Click here to read the theories from the DCist website in full.

More Bear coverage here and here.

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MightyMe said...

The things they're willing to shut down Metro for...