Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Am "Dismayed" by the Washington Post Express

My blog entry for the Katie Couric/Sarah Palin parody on SNL was featured on the Blog Log of the Washington Post Express Monday, September 29. I have been featured there before and quite frankly, you don't get a lot of new traffic to your blog from it. I guess it is hard to link to a blog from the paper you are holding in your hand.

The money quote:

"THE REALLY SAD PART is that the opening few minutes of the bit were not very different at all from the actual interview that they were parodying. I walked into the room after it had just started, and it took me a second to realize that it [was] 'SNL.'"
Herbofdc.blogspot.com was dismayed by the similarities between parody and reality in a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch about Sarah Palin's CBS interview.

Wow that makes me sound very smart. Analytical. Sober. Unfortunately it wasn't me that said it. It was commentator Gilahi of Gilahi Blog.

Does anyone actually edit this page? Another blogger recently had a similar problem in regards to a very thoughtful post she wrote about 9/11.

So was it sloppy editing or did they read my entry on why I had to turn down the "Certified Honest Blogger" award and just assume that this was another comment I had made up to post to my own blog? Really when I said that I was kidding...KIDDING!!! Hehe.

October 1, 2008 Update

Blogger Gilahi dashes into a phone booth, dons his cape and Belt of Righteous Indignation and comes to our defense as Super Gilahi! Take that Washington Post Express! BAM! POW!!!

October 1, 2008 Update #2

The WPE replies via email:

Hello Herb, in the edition that day it was simply a mistake. If you read that section frequently, you'll notice that we often use the verbiage 'a commenter at xblog' said such and such. That day's was just left out erroneously.

Thanks for reading and please forward this to your friend Gilahi with my apologies

October 1, 2008 Update #3

WPE thanks for responding. We all make simple mistakes, like my mullet, now and then. But based upon all the comments over at Gilahi World today, this seems to happen frequently.

No need to respond. Thanks! Still love the Post and all things Stanley Kaplan!


Herb of DC said...

Seriously dude, you are hot.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, Anonymous said the above. Really.

Gilahi said...

Crap. I feel a blog coming on. Haven't written one in weeks.

I just don't believe this...

whatlizsaid.com said...

That's just crap. I am really sorry that happened. :/

lacochran said...

I believe that there have been so many cutbacks at the WaPo that they now have a bot that searches for text that falls into a predetermined number of characters range. When I've been quoted, they've gotten stuff I've written wrong, too.

But all publicity is good publicity. Except when it isn't.

So, um, congrats.

Anonymous said...

I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Mrs. Graham!


jimbo said...

Perhaps they think that since blogs are such an intangible, ephemeral and chaotic medium, that doing due diligence and proper citation is unnecessary.

WaPo has tried to "get" blogs, but they still don't get it.